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Major networks feature projects organized by CueDB

CueDB has become an indispensable tool in my daily workflow. It allows me to stay organized and share meaningful data with all the members of the music team. From spotting to final cue sheet. It has tools to manage every step of the music process. It’s my, not so secret weapon.

Snacky · Music Editor

Recent projects organized by CueDB

CuedB is absolutely brilliant! It is an essential tool that I rely on to help keep my films well organized and stay on track. It saves me countless hours with it’s data handling flexibility and allows me to quickly access specific info and generate custom reports on a moments notice. I would be devastated if I had to work without it at this point.

Clint Bennett · Music Editor

Recent projects organized by CueDB

CueDB is now an integral part of managing my music. Every member of my team can see or update the status of any cue at any time, all while working remotely from their own studios. CueDB’s interface is intuitive and their tech support is only a click away. CueDB is a crucial tool for any media composer.

Michael Abels · Composer

Recent projects organized by CueDB

I was immediately impressed by CueDB’s ease of use, flexible configuration, and thoughtful design. It’s exactly what a lot of composers have been looking for to improve data and workflow management. It creates clarity and keeps things on track so we can all enjoy the creative process more.

Ronit Kirchman · Composer

Recent projects organized by CueDB

CueDB is as ubiquitous in my studio as coffee and deadline anxiety. Although it almost renders both of those irrelevant with its usefulness. It’s difficult to imagine how I got anything done before I started using it and I’m confident my team and I will be using CueDB in every possible universe going forward.

Ryan Elder · Composer

Recent projects organized by CueDB

CueDB is your cloud-based companion

We help keep your team on track – from spotting to cue sheet, from your desk to the dub stage across the globe.


Fully customizable cue lists for spotting, composition, orchestration, mixing and cue sheet delivery.

Cue Details

The heart of a scene. Detailed info and easy to track version history of every cue.


Welcome to the CueDB Cockpit! View stats and progress across all of your projects.




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About us

Our story
Music for screen often involves many moving parts and collaborators. Countless spreadsheets, notes, to-do lists, files, links, emails and versions of cues and picture. We wanted to collect all this into one single place and let more time go to the fun part – making music. We call it CueDB.

We’re based in Southern California.

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